“It’s All White Now”   The Christine Jack Story

Part 1

Clutching the steering wheel of a Yellow Chevy Blazer, he is driving through the suburbs with cargo in the back, that he doesn’t want anyone to know about.  It’s the dead of Winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba or as they call it WINTERPEG.  The story of missing Christine Jack weaves into a murder story and a trial, that will be the longest in Manitoba's history.  The facts are all there, but can Christine be found and her killer brought to justice?


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This most recent summer reading I recommend was: 


Wealthy Dellen Millard “a young Canadian aviation heir charged with three murders--Tim Bosma, ex-girlfriend Laura Babcock, and his own father, Wayne Millard--in what appears to be thrill-seeking serial kills”.

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Sources used in this chapter include:

Trials and Errors: The People vs Brian Gordon Jack

by John D. Montgomery (Author), Hon. Alfred M. Monnin (Introduction)

You can purchase this book HERE 


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